Nutritional Management Solutions

McFarling Foods can help your business manage its nutritional needs.

Please contact Kristine Corey at (317) 687-6827 ex. 164 if you are seeking solutions for any of the following.

·Nutrition & Cost Analysis
·Daily Reports
·Week at a Glance
·Spreadsheet of Diets
·Alternate Choice Options
·8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14 or 11 x 17 Formats

·Single or Multiple Servings Yield
·Yields from 1 to 1000 Servings
·Nutrition Summary
·Sanitation Instructions
·Puree Instructions and HACCP

Purchasing List
·Comprehensive and Organized
·Cumulative, As Purchased Amounts

Production Sheets
·Totals from Menu and Patient File
·Temperature Log

Master Sheets
·Diet Guides
·Nourishment Guide

Serving Line
·Tray Cards from Menu and Patient File
·Tray Cards noting Exceptions to Menu
·Various Page Layouts
·Nourishment Cards
·Nourishment Labels
·Various Font Sizes and Data Formats
·Multiple Sort Options

Patient File
·Patient Preference File and Meal Notes
·Census Report
·Food Substitution Report
·Weight Report
·Calorie, Protein, and Fluid Report

Nutrition Facts
·Daily Totals
·Weekly and Cycle Averages
·Food Guide Pyramid Servings